How To Fix Your Credit and Avoid Scammers


You hear them on the radio and you see them on the Internet. It’s like an answer to a prayer. Plenty of companies promise to fix your credit and change your life. And there’s something in that. If your credit is bad landlords may not rent to you. You may not get a car loan. You may not get a mortgage loan or be able to refinance and some employers won’t hire you. The truth is that you can improve your credit and you can change your life. But if you pay one of these companies to help you, it’s likely it will hurt you financially. Most are scammers and they take advantage of your feelings of desperation and desire to make things right. The best policy is to ignore the ads and stay away from the shysters. In this video How To Fix My Credit-No Lies we walk you through the process to clean up your credit report and improve your overall credit rating.

There’s also a need to check your credit report for mistakes and errors (this video explains that too). You can trust to check your credit report for free.


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