5 Top Phone Scams Aimed At 55 Plus


by Barbara Nevins Taylor

Sometimes, some of us fall for a pitch that sounds convincing but can really open the door to host of financial problems. Even though we think we’re clever and know the score, it’s always a good idea to understand the scams that may come our way.

Attorny_General_Eric_T_SchneidermanNew York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman offers a useful list of the top phone scams aimed at 55 plus people. But it’s bigger than a New York problem and every scam that we talk about here is played out in communities all across the U.S.


You’re likely to get an urgent phone call. And the caller claims he’s “your favorite grandson” or just says, “It’s me.”

Then, you give the name. “Jared?” you might say. Often scammers pick up names from social media and target you that way.

The pitch may vary. But it basically goes like this: the “grandson” is out of town and needs money fast to pay for a plane ticket, to make bail, or pay for automobile repairs or medical expenses.

The caller begs you not to tell his parents and asks you to wire the money immediately.


Someone calls and claims to be a court officer. He says that you failed to appear for jury duty and now there’s a warrant for your arrest.

To avoid arrest you have to pay a fee immediately and you must wire the money. New York City Police tell us that scammers are urging people to pay with a prepaid Green Dot card.

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