Why Your Credit Report May Not Be Available Online


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The credit bureaus TransUnion and Equifax suggested he send a written request to them for a copy of his report.


We were curious about why Paul couldn’t get his report quickly and in general why your credit report may not be available online. We reached out to both TransUnion and Equifax.


We got a call from TransUnion C.O.O. David Emery. He told us, “The online security bar is high because once we give you that credit report, you see everything.”

Emery says there are a few things that automatically flag your request as problematic:

  1. If you put in a new address that isn’t listed with the credit bureau.
  2. If you put in a previous address that’s not listed.
  3. If you put in a middle name that is not listed on your credit report or credit accounts.

Ironically, if you’re just starting out in life and you have few credit cards and loans or a brief financial history you may encounter the security wall. Meredith Griffanti, a spokesperson for Equifax says, “If the consumer has a “thin-file” or is unable to answer the online questions correctly, then annualcreditreport.com asks that the request be mailed in due to tighter security measures for consumer protection.”

Paul matched the criteria for red flags. He doesn’t have an extensive credit history and his new address wasn’t listed on the report.



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6 thoughts on “Why Your Credit Report May Not Be Available Online”

  1. I was able to get Experian and Equifax but Transunion sent back that it couldn’t find a credit report. Now I’m mailing a request

  2. Your explanation may sound good but is not correct. I have received my credit report in the past with no problem. In 2015 told I couldn’t receive it online. I gave correct information to prove my identity. They are playing games and should be shut down!

  3. One other thing… thank you for this article! It helps explain why several people I know were unable to get online credit reports!

    And having a # for TU even if overseas was still helpful.

  4. None of the three agencies–Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion–provide phone numbers to real people on their web sites. You end up at automated systems.

    Then, when you do try such numbers as the one listed here, with real people, it’s pretty obvious that the support has been outsourced internationally!

    They really do NOT want to help customers. We need tough legislation that makes them more responsive– or, a public service credit agency.

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