Why Veterans Should Avoid For Profit Colleges


The colleges that make the most noise, advertise widely and reach out via email or text grab your attention. No doubt. But it might be a good idea to look at these schools with a skeptical eye.

Most are basically money making operations that may not have your best educational interests at heart. 

They often make promises and help you work out payments through your G.I. Benefits But there’s a lot they don’t tell you, and it’s really easy to use up your G.I benefits on an education that may not give you what you need.

Sam Oakford works for NEDAP, a consumer counseling  and economic advocacy group.  He talks to veterans all of the time who find that they are in financial trouble because they used their G.I. Benefits and borrowed money to pay for an education at a for-profit college or trade school. Most find they have worthless educations and owe a great deal of money.  Sam offers an important warning.


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