White House-Why Immigration Is Good For The Country

The White House produced this video and we think it’s worth sharing. It uses information from the Congressional Budget Office to explain why immigration reform will benefit the U.S. economy.

Legislation to create “a pathway to citizenship” for 11 million undocumented immigrants passed in the Senate but stalled in the house. House Republicans oppose what they see as “amnesty” for people who are not in this country legally and didn’t follow the rules. Some Republicans favor a limited program that gives citizenship to young people brought here as children, military veterans and a select group of others who may have technical skills that are in demand.  Some also suggest a guest worker program.

But the Democrats and President Obama continue to push for an immigration overall that clearly spells out what undocumented immigrants can do to become full-fledged citizens.

The Columbia, S.C., State newspaper reports that Republican Congressman Mark Sanford predicted that Congress will ultimately pass immigration reform that contains a pathway to citizenship. Sanford told reporters the house is likely to pass “micro bills that are palatable to the body.”  Sanford spoke to reporters in Hilton Head, S.C. and  said, “Once the legislation leaves the House, I think it will be the Senate side that prevails.” Sanford said he supports the idea of a pathway to citizen after U.S. borders are secured.

Sanford’s comments may mean there is some pressure in the House to produce meaningful legislation that will actually make a difference.

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