When You Freelance and Get a 1099

When you freelance and get a 1099 it means your boss didn’t deduct income taxes from your salary, and you need to pay the taxes

Many employers hire people on a freelance basis and forget to mention this little detail. And as a result you end up on the short end of the stick come tax time. They give you an IRS 1099 tax form at the beginning of the new year so that you can pay taxes by April 15.

But way before April 15, it’s a good idea to think about what freelance means. Bosses often say you’re an independent contractor and that sounds great, but it also means you need to pay your own taxes.

If you, like millions of other freelancers, find yourself in the boat you should know a few things. Nathalie Friedman explains how to deal with it all and even finds the bright side in her post My Boss 1099’d Me And Now What?

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