Top Consumer Complaints

Identity theft tops the list of consumer complaints to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for 2012.  The latest numbers remind us of the need to take extra care with how we handle our personal information, especially when we fill out forms.  Every doctor, dentist and service provider does not need our social security number.  Try saying, “No.”

The most complaints about identity theft came from South Florida and the area that stretches from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale to Pompano Beach. There’s no analysis of why, but there is a large concentration of older people in South Florida and they are frequent targets of scams and ripoffs.  New York and Northern New Jersey ranked second on the list of identity theft victims and complaints and the Los Angeles area followed in third place.

Complaints about debt collection took second place on this unhappy list.  Here’s what the top 10 look like:

1. Identity theft

2. Debt collection

3. Banks and lenders

4. Shop-at-home and catalog sales

5. Prize sweepstakes and lotteries

6. Imposter scams

7. Internet services

8. Auto-related complaints

9. Telephone and mobile services

10. Credit cards


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