6 Tips for Traveling With Jewelry

The first and best tip is probably one you don’t want hear:

1. Leave expensive jewelry home.

Sure you love every piece, and each piece has a story and enhances your outfits and makes you feel great.  But you won’t be very happy if your jewelry is  stolen while you’re traveling.  A ConsumerMojo.com user asked recently if she should wear her diamond ring on her bachelorette trip to the Dominican Republic. The answer from all the experts we talked with was a resounding, “No.”

The resort or destination may be safe, but things happen. Individuals steal and it’s wise to keep temptation away from them.  On a recent trip, to Tulum, Mexico we saw a couple practically in tears after they discovered their jewelry, iPads and iPhones, and other valuables were stolen from their room. Everyone thought the hotel was safe. The hotel owner said there hadn’t been a theft or break-in in years. But that didn’t make it any easier for the couple who lost valuable possessions.

The U.S. State Department advises that when you travel abroad, “Don’t bring anything you would hate to lose…. and leave at home valuable or expensive-looking jewelry.”

Even in the U.S. as you’re traveling or staying in a hotel, expensive jewelry draws unwanted attention.

Arlene Lester, a spokesperson for State Farm Insurance, suggests that, “You only travel with necessary items and don’t be flashy with your jewelry.

If you must take your jewelry here are 5 tips that may help keep you safe:

2. The best policy is to take only what you will wear, and wear the jewelry at all times.

3. If you have take it off, make sure you put the jewelry in the room or hotel safe and keep the key close to you.

4. If you have to take additional jewelry, keep it in your carry-on luggage or your handbag.

5. Don’t let a hotel, airline employee or anyone else carry the bag that contains your jewelry.

6. Again, keep what you are not wearing in the hotel safe and make sure you keep the key with you at all times.


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