States Where The Fattest People Live


Despite the best efforts of the White House and First Lady Michele Obama, Americans still tend to get very large. Statista took a look at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s “State of Obesity Report” for 2014 and crunched numbers to break down the states where the fattest people live. 

While the report says obesity rates seemed to have stabilized for adults and children, we have grown much, much fatter since 1980 when no state showed an obesity rate higher than 15 percent.  In 2014, 20 states reported obesity rates of at least 30 percent.  And 9 out of the 10 states with highest obesity rates are in the South.

Baby Boomers, it turns out, have the highest obesity rate of any age group. Take a look and see how your state ranks.

Infographic: America's Fattest States | Statista

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