Robocaller Out Of The Game

We’re on the Do Not Call Registry list and yet the phone rings all day with robocallers offering to lower credit card interest rates, or some other thing that we don’t need.  We’ve got caller I.D. and don’t pick up the phone, but it is maddening anyway. 

So it’s a relief to know that one robocaller is out of the game.  The Federal Trade Commission reached a settlement with Roy M. Cox, Jr. who allegedly was behind robocalls for credit interest rate reductions, vehicle warranties, and home security systems. 

Cox didn’t admit that he broke the law.  But the settlement bans him from telemarketing.  The FTC also slapped him with a $1.1 million fine, which he won’t have to pay because according to the FTC, he doesn’t have the money.

Let’s see how long he stays away. In the meantime, the Federal Trade Commission produced a video that offers 5 tips for blocking robocalls. It’s hard to say that they are all perfect, but they do offer some defense against a really insidious practice.

Do Not Call Registry

Robocalls are more than simple annoyances. The people behind them often sell scams that seem attractive at the moment and it’s difficult for many of us to resist the temptation. 

It’s far better to try to block the calls and prevent these fast talking scammers from wiggling their way into our wallets.

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