Quicker Sandy Insurance






It looks like help is on the way for homeowners struggling to get Sandy-related insurance payments.  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says major banks and servicers, which receive the payments from insurers and then pass the money on to homeowners, agreed to speed-up the process.  New York’s Department of Financial Services has received complaints about bureaucratic delays that prevent families from making repairs and living in their homes.

“Homeowners need help now and that’s why insurers are sending advance checks to meet their immediate needs,” said Governor Cuomo. “Any delay in making these types of critical home repairs can mean the difference between a family being able to live safely in their home or remaining needlessly displaced for weeks or even months.

The following banks and servicers promised the governor they’d get the payments out quickly:

Bank of America
·    Citi Mortgage
·    JPMorgan Chase N.A.
·    Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
·    Apple Savings Bank
·    Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburg
·    Emigrant Savings Bank
·    Homeward Residential
·    M&T Bank, Nationstar
·    New York Community Bank
·    Ocwen Loan Servicing



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