Phishing Scam Warning From American Airlines

American Airlines warns of phishing scams that use the company’s logo and ticket information.  Typically, you receive what looks like a legitimate communication from the airline and you’re asked to follow a link, or button. 

Once you click you’re led to a “spoof” site that looks official and asks for credit card information, or other personal financial data. Some of the emails may have viruses attached. 

The airline also warns that bulk faxes and mailings are now used by the scammers to try to grab your information. American Airlines says it, “will never ask you to perform security-related changes to your account in this fashion or send emails to collect user names, passwords, email addresses or other personal information. I

f you receive an email claiming to be from American Airlines, that asks for account information, it should be considered fraudulent and an attempt to obtain personal information that may be used to commit fraud.”


1. Don’t open links, or attachment, call phone numbers for follow any instructions in the email.

Forward it to

2. If you get one of these queries by mail, or fax sent to AA’s webmaster, and file a complaint with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service American Airlines says this is a typical phising fax. American Airlines says this is an example of a phishing letter using its logo. Praise for American Airlines Employeesreadmore

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