Jamaica To Crack Down On Lottery Scams

The Jamaican government has responded to pressure from American politicians and lawmakers and passed legislation to crack down on lottery scammers. The lottery scam is a mini-industry in Jamaica. 

It’s estimated that scammers make 30,000 calls daily targeting elderly Americans. They tell their victim that he or she has a won a prize. But to get the money, they must wire thousands to cover fees and costs.  Hard as it is to believe, it’s estimated that collectively victims have lost hundreds of millions of dollars.

In Jamaica, The Gleaner reports the new law will cover identity theft and fraudulent use of credit cards. It also targets advance fee fraud and use of technology for illegally accessing data.  It also includes provisions to allow extradition of suspected scammers to the U.S. for prosecution. The Gleaner reports the governor general is expected to sign the bill into law soon.

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Barbara Nevins Taylor

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