How To Make An Appointment For NYC ID


When New York City rolled out the new program to provide immigrants and others with legal documentation, Mayor Bill de Blasio predicted hundreds of thousands of people would apply.

But he didn’t predict that enrollment centers where you apply for the card, called IDNYC, would have big lines and long waits. To make things smoother for people who want a New York City ID, the administration has now set up a way for you to make an appointment.

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 Here’s how to make an appointment for NYC ID:

1. Go online  to or call 311.

2.  You can make an appointment for the closest enrollment center near you.

3. If you go to an enrollment center, a staffer there can help you make an appointment. But going online or calling seems like a better bet.

You can apply for a card any time and New York City promises to protect your confidentiality.

Human Resources Commissioner Steven Banks said. “The strong demand for IDNYC shows just how important this is to thousands of New Yorkers. We are committed to providing excellent customer service, no matter how many New Yorkers apply for the card. We are assigning extra volunteer staff with tablets to help make the process easier. We do ask for patience, given the huge volume of applications.”

Anyone who lives in the five boroughs can apply for IDNYC. You need to prove that you live in the city and you can do that with a telephone bill, a lease or other documentation.

You can read more about what you need to show in our previous post.



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