How To Collect Your T-Mobile Cramming Refund


It’s easy to overlook collecting a refund that you have no idea you deserve. So we’re happy to tell you how to collect your T-Mobile cramming refund.

Cramming? We reported about mystery charges that appeared on T-Mobile phone bills for services like flirty tips, gossip, horoscopes and more.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed suit against T-Mobile in July.  The agency alleged that the company placed millions of dollars in unwanted third-party charges on its customers’ mobile phone bills and received 35 to 40 percent of every charge they placed.  Apparently the practice began in July of 2010 and, according to the FTC, continued until at least December 2013.

T-Mobile did not admit guilt, but the company agreed to settle the case with the FTC and pay at least $90 million in refunds.

Even if you never noticed the charges, you may be due a refund. Here’s how to collect:

1. You need to submit a refund claim.

2. You can submit a refund claim and ask for a flat payment of $40. You don’t need any supporting documentation for this refund request.

3. You can also ask for an account summary that should show the extra charges and how much, if anything, the company owes you.

3. If the charges add up to more than $40, you might want to ask for a full refund. But you need to attach supporting documentation.

    a. You can highlight the unwanted charges on the account summary T-Mobile sent you and send that back.

    b. Or you can attach your bills and highlight the unwanted charges.


Be aware that April 30, 2015 is the deadline to request an account summary.

The deadline to submit a refund claim form is June 30, 2015.

You can ask for your account summary by visiting:

Via email:

And through the U.S. Mail:  Premium Text Message Refund Program, P.O. Box 35126, Seattle WA 98124-5126.

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