Happy Year of The Sheep 2015 Or Goat Or Ram

Happy Year of the Sheep 2015, or is the goat or the ram? Chinese astrology sites lump all three together. But let the sheep take the astrological leading role and describe the year it represents as a more peaceful time and period of positive change.

The Chinese use twelve animals for predictions and sheep takes eighth place in the Chinese zodiac system that dates to the Han Dynasty from 206 BC to 220 BC.  And whether astrologers refer to the animal as a goat or a ram, some call it a “lucky animal” because it doesn’t have to do heavy farm work like the Ox.

To make things even more confusing, the Chinese also describe it as the “Year of the Green or Wooden Sheep.” Nevertheless, they suggest the animal that falls in the eighth spot is lucky and consequently luck will brush anyone born in the eighth month with good fortune.

The sheep falls into Yin or peaceful category as opposed to the more aggressive Yang.

The astrologers describe people born in the Year of the Sheep as gentle, elegant, artistic, caring. But there’s always the caution that sheep-born should make sure to assert themselves when necessary.

Travel Guide China lists a varied group of celebrities born in the year of the sheep and they include: Thomas Edison, Orville Wright, Mark Twain, Barbara Walters, Julia Roberts, Matt Le Blanc, Nicole Kidman, Claire Danes, Bruce Willis and Benicio Del Toro.

So creative, inventive clever people represent the best of the “Year of the Sheep.”

The bottom line for most fortune tellers suggests that “goodness brings…fortune,” and that’s a lovely way to look at the year ahead for all of us.

And for all of our young Chinese friends, we hope you find fortune in your red envelopes.


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