Year of the Horse May Be Rocky

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Year of the Horse. We hope our friends get red envelopes that make them happy, even though the year of the horse may be rocky.

The colorfully descriptive Chinese zodiac covers a 12-year cycle and each year is symbolized by a particular animal. The full cycle begins with the rat and ends with the pig.

We’re at the seventh year and that puts the horse almost in the center of the astrological ring.

The Chinese like the horse and describe the characteristics of a horse-year, or horse person, as positive, high-spirited, and perceptive.

But someone born in the year of the horse may also have wild, wasteful and flamboyant streaks, according to

Mmm. What’s this mean to all of us who were not born in a horse year?

The Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post (CSMP) quotes fung shei, or feng shui, masters who say it may be a difficult year in the financial markets. Ma Lai-wah predicts an economic bubble might burst with lasting effects. Ma warns us all to be cautious about speculating and suggests property values might decline it the second half of the year.

photo by Vincent Poulissen
photo by Vincent Poulissen

These predictions seem to revolve around Hong Kong and the rest of China. But astrologers from Moscow to the Hudson River also suggest the horse will bring us a tempestuous year.

Wily speculators may do well during this time, but the rest of might want to watch our backs and proceed with caution, at least financially.




Here are highlights of the characteristics of the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac.


Rat – Shows spirit, flexibility, wit and vitality.

Ox – Straight-forward, persistent, honest and cautious.

Tiger – Terrifying and forceful, maybe even cruel.

Rabbit – Hopeful, tender and loving.

Dragon – Honor, prestige, dignity, success.

Snake – Evil, although some say a snake in the garden brings good luck.

Horse – We’re here now. He may lead us through a rocky year.

Sheep – Gentle, calm and an indicator of good thing.

Monkey – Clever, and filled with good fortune.

Rooster – Sends away the evil spirits.

Dog – Dogs bring good fortune and are considered loyal and understanding.

Pig- Lazy, but there’s also a refreshing honesty that comes with Mr. Pig.


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