Foreclosures Lowest in 6 Years

Foreclosures are at the lowest level in 6 years, according to the real estate data firm RealtyTrac. While that’s something to applaud, the latest report points out that one in every 905 U.S. households had a foreclosure filing in April. Not a pretty picture, especially for those homeowners.

And foreclosures that had been stalled because of the scandal involving improper foreclosures are now gearing up again in Nevada, Washington and Arkansas.

Other states saw increases because of foreclosures moving through the courts.

New Jersey saw a 138 percent increase, Connecticut a 46 percent increase, Texas a 37 percent increase, Georgia a 35 percent increase, Oregon a 16 percent increase, and California a 13 percent increase. Foreclosure starts reached a 36-month high in Connecticut, a 27-month high in New Jersey, and were up on a monthly basis for the third consecutive month in California.

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