Deferred Action And My Driver’s License

by Tanvir Toy

I got my driving learner’s permit a week after I was approved for Deferred Action (DACA). I dreamed about driving almost as much as I dreamed about getting  papers to make me legal. Friends let me drive their cars, but I quickly realized I need to take lessons. My friends were too busy to help me prepare properly. They didn’t have the time to drive around with me.

So I did an Internet search for a good driving school close to home.  I live in Queens, New York and the Hawaii Driving School in Jackson Heights showed good Google reviews. That was important to me and the price was reasonable.

The school offered a number of different packages. I chose a $200 course with 5 lessons for forty-five minutes each. The school made everything easy. It also arranged for me to watch the five hour video required by New York State. That cost another $30.

The instructor, Carlos helped me gain confidence and two weeks after I enrolled in the course.  Carlos scheduled the driving test and came with me. The state inspector rode with me in Carlos’s car, and I had no problems.  The test took all of twelve minutes, and the instructor looked me from the driver’s seat and said, “You passed.”

I am so excited to have my driver’s license. I’m also grateful to have Deferred Action, but I hope there’s a better long term solution for me and everyone else who is in the same boat.



Interested in the biometrics?  Read:



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