Biometrics for Deferred Action – Not So Scary

by Tanvir RahmanToy

This finger print looks scarier than the process. I got my biometrics done for the Deferred Action program. Let me reassure you going for the biometrics test was a pretty easy and straight forward process.

GETTING THERE EARLY I had my appointment at 11 A.M. but I arrived early.  I saw a big line outside the USCIS office, so I figured I would walk in and ask if I was supposed to stand on that line. As soon as got through the door, I was told to go back and get on line.

So I did just that.  

QUICK TURN AROUND Within 15 minutes I was inside walking through a metal detector.  After the metal detector I had to show my appointment letter and ID. I used my passport.  Next, I was given a paper to fill out which asked for my name, DOB, height, weight, eye color, hair color, Alien number or SS number and the receipt number, which is on the appointment letter.  


I filled out the required information as I was standing on line to hand in the from. I noticed I did not write both of my receipt numbers on the form I filled out. There are two receipt numbers one for the I821D and one for the I765.


When I handed the agent at the desk my appointment letter and my ID, she asked to see my hands. I assumed she wanted to inspect them for fingerprinting purposes. Then she stamped my appointment notice and handed it back.

Next, I was given a number similar to a something I would’ve gotten at a deli and I was told to sit and wait. Within five minutes I was called up and taken to the back of the office. I sat there for about a minute and was asked to stand next to a computer. Continue → or go to page  1  2 

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  1. I had my biometrics taken in January 13, 2016 . It is now September 25,2016 . It’s been over 8 months & I still have not gotten a response . Every time I call my lawyer to see if he knows anything or maybe he can get in contact with uscis & ask them what’s going on , all they tell me is “we’ll look into it” & I never get a call back. I constantly look up my case status online but the only thing it says is that my name has been updated on June 10th of 2016 . Anyone know what that means? Is it supposed to take this long? I’m so ready to start working but this whole process has been a major setback for me . I’ve heard people say it shouldn’t take any longer than 6 months . I’m starting to get really worried as to why this is taking what seems like FOREVER! I live in Nebraska & the Hispanic population isn’t very high so you’d think the processing time would be quicker .

  2. hi i got he letter for my biometrics late ..almost a week late that the last date for it..what should i do?

    1. Biometrics are a critical part of the application process. So Try to contact USCIS as soon as possible. Call your regional office and let them know. If you saved the letter they sent you and the envelope with the postmark, it’s a good idea to send them a letter with copies of both.

  3. Hey there,

    I just got my notice to appear for biometrics, just waiting for the date now. I’m a little worried that my documents are lacking. It was hard for me to find as much proof as I wanted. I have my fingers crossed that I don’t have to dig for more evidence. This all just seems too good to be true and I become a nervous wreck, because it means so much to all of us. I enjoyed reading your post.

    1. I’ve noticed that people who apply for deferred action have obsessed over all the documents and the entire process. From what I understand very few people have been denied. Make sure you don’t forget the obvious things, like a government issued ID and/or passport if you came here as a tourist. Also proof that you attended school, any medical records, or credit card statements are very good proof in my opinion. Worse case scenario if you are missing something or lack evidence, the USCIS will issue a RFE (Request for Evidence) and you can resubmit the evidence they require. Don’t stress over it, and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.

  4. Hey, I’m a bit scared to get my biometrics done since I have to show them my non-stamped passport. Wouldn’t they detain me right there and then?

    I’m just submitting my application, I know I’ve waited a long time but I just didn’t have the money for the forms or a lawyer. I filled the forms out my self but in all honesty I’d feel more at ease with a lawyer helping me out, I really don’t want to screw this up.

      1. thanks for replying to my question, i had no idea anyone had replied to it. I have my biometrics appointment in a few hours and was having the same concern as before so i was browsing online and found my question from before lol.

        I live in Virginia and my appointment is at the Alexandria, VA office. I ended up going with a lawyer which was very expensive, considering all they did was fill out the forms i had already filled myself lol and not to mentioned she took over a month to send the forms in.

        After the approval, and after i get my ss and my card in the mail, to get a driver’s license do i need to get the driver’s permit first? or can i just do the driving test and get the license? I’m 28 year old.

        1. “I’m glad you got your SS and Work Permit. I know what you mean with lawyers, I’ve had many issues with my lawyer as well. As for driver’s license, you need get a permit first, and in N.Y. you also need to take a 5 hour course (Which is mostly watching a boring video).”

  5. im going to do my biometrics and i dont have a ss number but where do you get your alien number sorry its just that i dont know that much im 15 and a half

    1. Hey, don’t worry about your SS number or your alien number, not everyone has those numbers. You are basically going in to give your finger prints and take a picture.





    1. Abby, I waited 7 months before I got my work permit. It also seems like if you have an old case or had a removal order it takes longer. So stay positive and it’ll happen soon.

      1. yea I had a removal order when I was 5 years old, im 22 now. I left voluntarily with NY mom and my dad was allowed to stay. I hope that doesn’t get me denied 🙁

      2. yeah I had a removal order when I was 5 years old , Im 22 now. I left voluntarily with my mom and my dad was allowed to stay. I hope that doesn’t get me denid. I told my lawyer about it and said it wasn’t necessary to put it down on the application :/

        1. Abbey, I think on the application they ask for your Alien number, and with that number the government will know when you entered the country and when you left. So I’m not sure what your lawyer omitted form the application. I think it’s taking so long because you have an old case. I’m not a lawyer and I don’t know your the details of your case. So if you are really concerned I would reach out to another lawyer for some advice, the lawyer that interviewed about Deferred action was Ryan Muennich He seemed to know a lot about Deferred action.

            1. Sorry for the late response. If you don’t have an alien number, there should not be a problem since the government will not know about your past.

  7. I just sent my paperwork in like two Weeks ago, today I got a letter for citation to do my biometrics! It seems really quick…i’m kinda nervous.

    1. Don’t be, the biometrics is usually quick. I’m not surprised that it was only two weeks, there is a drop-off in the number of people applying for deferred action at this stage. That’swhy your application is moving along faster as of now. Good luck.

      Where do you apply?
      Let us know how it turns out!

  8. Hello Tanvir. You were right, there was no reason to worry. I have just been notified that my application has been approved. My new card is currently in process and will be sent pretty soon. Hope you get the same luck pretty soon as well. I’m so exited, I can finally go apply for a job and get my driver’s license. There is so much weight off my shoulders.

  9. I did my biometrics on december 3 and still waiting 🙁 please let me know if anyone did it around the same and if you have had some answer. Thanks

  10. Humberto, I understand your frustration. I am also waiting to hear from them. I’m pretty certain that it’s not our mistake. I know others who gave the biometrics at about the same time and they’re still waiting. I spoke to a lawyer and he suggested that the long wait may be because my parents and I had an earlier case. I really think the process is slow because so many of us are applying and the bureaucrats are overwhelmed. You know what they say about bureaucracies. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all of us. Tanvir

  11. Hi, I went and took my biometrics around the same date as yours(Dec.11). Have you gotten an update on your application? I’m kinda scared I didn’t do the precess right, such as walking out too early, even though I did every step that you did. I check the status online daily, but it has stayed on Initial review for the past month on both receipt numbers.

    1. I had my appointment for the biometrics on Dec 11, 2012 and I still haven’t heard anything yet. its been more than three months. there’s no update on my application. it says initial review. does anybody know why its taking too long.

      1. Tamara, you are not the only one. I know a few people including myself who have been waiting for over 6 months, almost 7. So I don’t think there is an official reason why it’s taking so long. I just assume the government has many applications to look through and they are slow. We have no choice but to be patient and find comfort that we are not the only ones waiting.

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