Biometrics for Deferred Action – Not So Scary

← Previous GET FINGERPRINTED A woman who seemed like a manager told me to put my finger on a clear surface, which was connected to a computer that scanned my finger prints. She took a few variations of prints and then asked me to sign my name on a touchscreen signature pad. SMILE FOR THE CAMERA She then asked me to sit down and took my photo for the work permit. She wished me luck and gave me a short survey to fill out.  RATE THE  EXPERIENCE The survey asked about the process and also about her service. While filled it out she looked over my shoulder and asked miscellaneous questions. She made me feel a little uncomfortable. It seemed like she wanted good ratings. So I gave her all “excellent” even though I wanted to give her “good.” But in all honesty, I had no complaints.   Some can’t afford to pay the $465 to fee to apply. Now there is a no interest loan.       

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