Agressive IRS Phone Scams


The “IRS” phone scams continue. That’s why the real IRS issued another strong warning to guard against what it calls sophisticated scams.

Immigrants One of the scams targets immigrants. Telephone callers say you owe tax money and demand payment via a credit card, debit or pre-paid card.  If there’s any hesitation, the caller threatens to  revoke a driver’s license,  deport or arrest the you.

Windfall Others may be told they are entitled to a big, windfall refund. But first they must put up money via a prepaid card. If one call doesn’t get immediate action, scammers often call again and continue to threaten and harass.  


1. Scammers use fake badge numbers and pretend to be IRS or government officials.

2. They may be able to recite the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. 3. The IRS does not call to threaten or demand money.

4. State tax departments don’t call to threaten or demand money.

5. You may hear noises in the background that make it seem as though it’s a call from an official center.

6. The IRS sends all requests by mail, not email.

7.  State tax departments send all request by mail, not email.

If you’ve been contacted by someone working this IRS scam let the Treasury Department’s IRS Inspector General know. You can file a complaint online. You should also contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and file a complaint. Share with us and leave a comment. 

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