A Thriller For August Reading

      If international thrillers catch your eye and you like a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat, you’ll find Robert Wilson’s You Will Never Find Me a great thriller for August reading. Wilson wrote A Small Death In Lisbon and the Javier Falcon series set in Seville, Spain. He understands complex characters, violence and criminal psychology. He thrusts his heroes into investigations of unthinkable and brutal crimes that stretch their skills, intellectual capabilities and their psyches. Yet Wilson takes them into deeper and darker waters and always demands more from them and the reader. He breathes life into flawed human beings and places them in situations where they face their demons and confront their own shortcomings. You Will Never Find Me travels between London and Madrid and the worlds of Russian oligarchs, finance, murder and kidnapping.  It also explores the nexus of Latino and European international drug and sex trafficking. Our heroes are Mercy Danquah, a Ghanian-British Detective-Inspector and kidnap specialist with the Metropolitan Police, and her ex-husband Charlie Boxer, an Afghan war veteran and kidnap specialist.  They find themselves forced to do some serious home cooking. Their rebellious teenage daughter Amy runs away after erasing traces of her DNA.  She leaves a challenge to her parents with a note that says, “You will never find me.” Boxer begins the search for Amy in Madrid, while back home Mercy tries to find the kidnapped son of a Russian oligarch. She discovers everything about the case leads to intrigue with the Russians and the murder of a diplomat. In Madrid,  Boxer brushes up against a psychopathic Mexican drug lord with connections to a British father-and-son drug syndicate. The violence finds its way back to Britain and Wilson keeps you worrying and guessing about what comes next. AND HERE’S ANOTHER GOOD BOOK:THE VACATIONERS AND ANOTHER: MY BRILLIANT FRIEND

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