Watch Out For Hidden Resort Fees

Ever hear of “drip pricing?” It’s a term that some hotels use when they soak us with hidden fees. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warned 22 hotel operators that their ads and online reservation sites may violate federal law by failing to disclose these so-called resort fees.

In letters to hoteliers, the FTC cited consumer complaints about undisclosed mandatory fees for newspapers, use of exercise facilities, pools, Internet service and more.  These fees can impact your budget because they run as high as $30 a night, and you often don’t learn about them until you receive your bill at check-out time.

Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz said, “Consumers are entitled to know in advance the cost of their stays. So called “drip pricing” charges  sometimes portrayed as ‘convenience’ or ‘service’ fees, are anything but convenient, and businesses that hide them are doing a huge disservice to American consumers.”

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Barbara Nevins Taylor

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